The Consultation


     The 1-hour consultation offered by Dale Orthner is NOT a sales presentation. You will not even be asked for any money, or any commitment, at the consultation.

     Instead, the hour (sometimes a little longer) will be spent discussing your circumstances, and letting you know what bankruptcy can, and cannot, do for your situation.

     Dale will also explain what actions you should, and should not, be taking, starting immediately, to best position yourself for future prosperity. This includes what bills you should continue to pay, which bills you should stop paying, whether it is safe to continue banking at your current bank, and how to best preserve and utilize your current assets.

     The consultation ends with you receiving a detailed questionnaire - if a bankruptcy filing appears to be a good option for you, and a reminder to ask Dale any questions that you have going forward, and that answers are always free.

     And any questions you do ask after the consultation will be promptly answered by Dale, so that you can have peace of mind about the financial benefits that a bankruptcy case can provide.

     Any important decision should only be made after a thorough review of the relevant facts. That is why Dale takes a full hour, plus any questions before and after the consultation, to make sure that you know exactly what options you have and what bankruptcy can do for you.

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