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     Whom do you want preparing your bankruptcy petition? Someone being paid a few dollars per hour to just type in data? Most law firms use exactly that type of person.


     The problem is that your bankruptcy petition IS your bankruptcy case. It's the most important aspect of your case. It's the final product of all the discussions and correspondence between you and your bankruptcy attorney. It's over 50 pages of financial details that have to be properly presented to the court.


     Dale Orthner prepares all of his own petitions. This makes for far fewer problems than arise in many of the cases prepared in most law offices.


     You need your bankruptcy petition prepared by someone that knows how the law affects each aspect of your debts, assets, income, expenses, and recent financial history. One slip-up could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or the loss of your home.


     Each client, and their petition, is given individual attention by Dale Orthner himself, from the initial consultation, through the gathering of the necessary financial information, through the preparation of the bankruptcy petition, at the trustee meeting in the federal courthouse, and through to the close of the case.

     Make sure your petition is done right. Don't leave your financial life up to some support staff person. Make sure an attorney actually prepares the petition, rather than just giving it a quick scan. Dale Orthner prepares your actual bankruptcy petition.

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